Company Well Kept

The Books of Robert Angelone

When Tom d’Angelo sets out to achieve a goal, little in this world will stop him. Not even time itself will interfere. His objectives, including the accumulation of wealth, will present no obstacle. A retired management consultant, he is accustomed to overcoming the difficult and working around the impossible.

Harrison Prescott becomes the name of Tom’s business enterprise, based on the manipulation of time to find a vast portfolio of assets, from antiquities to gems and historic artifacts. The company allows Tom to build a business empire at a prosperous time in history, and profit during one of the worst economic crises.

The author places his story within the context of history, in places that can, for the most part, still be visited today, and most of his characters are real people. His insights help the reader understand both historic situations and the glorious benefits of time travel.

Three years in the making, this novel affords a glimpse into fact-based chronicles of time and the personalities of the people that appear throughout. Join the conversation about Company Well Kept: Banking In Time.