There’s been considerable discussion about time travel for centuries.  It has been a popular subject for fiction, and conspiracy theorists around the world.  Every human, at some point, thinks, “If I could only go back in time and fix…” Or they wonder what the future will be like, desirous of reaching that future during their lifetime.

Time travel is more than a fantasy or a dream.  It is a reality that some say allows time travelers to walk among us today.  The capacity for contemporary men and women to reach destinations in the past or future is limited solely by today’s modern technology.  Such were the limitations Thomas d’Angelo was determined to overcome.   His mission was to go beyond barriers, break all conventions, disprove the nay-sayers, and profit by his skill and achievement.

Company Well Kept: Banking In Time is historically accurate and filled with real characters from the annals of civilization, telling more about their stories than nonfiction chronicles.  Tom searches through legends and records of years past, finding treasures of physical value like gold, as well as intangible treasures like friendships.

It is a story of love, passion, dedication, and hope.  The characters break free of stereotypical roles and limitations of their time into bright futures, finding romance, opportunity, and success.   It is a difficult road to travel, but Tom finds a way to overcome, to achieve, to build, not only for himself but for others.