Harrison Prescott

Securitization Analysts

Harrison Prescott was re-formed in 2004 to develop new financial services products for an evolving financial marketplace. It is a division of The Epicurus Group.

Harrison Prescott LogoThe company named after a unit of a bank our founder managed more than three decades ago in London. Upon the sale of the bank, that particular asset was turned over to our founder, who retained the rights to the brand name, keeping the company dormant.

Messr’s Harrison and Prescott formed a financial services company in the early 19th Century in London and traded in wool, corn and other commodities on the Exchange. Upon the death of the last remaining partner, Prescott, the company was sold to the bank and remained in constant operation until the early 1980’s.

The new company participated heavily in work with The Epicurus Institute in financial reform legislation on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

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