About Harrison Prescott

Tom d’Angelo, the main character of Bob Angelone’s novel Company Well Kept: Banking on Time sets up a business in 1923 operate his enterprises which range from real estate to gold mining and banking. Tom finances his business by traveling through time to recover treasures lost through the ages.

His expeditions take him from ancient Egypt to pirate ships in search of gold and other treasures. During his explorations and recovery of lost assets and his judicious management of money and properties, Tom’s portfolio grows to exceed $1.25 Trillion in cash, gems, and precious metals.

Tom’s company is developed in 1923 New York, where he meets a group of amazing young college graduates he hires to run his fledgling entity. His expeditions provide the necessary capital, while his business acumen, enhanced by foreknowledge of events, allows Tom to acquire properties, becoming a real estate magnate at a time before Manhattan’s major skyscrapers are built.

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