When Tom d’Angelo seizes an opportunity to travel, he’s not boarding a flight at the airport or taking a train.  He programs his travel device and zips off to foreign destinations and times.  Time is the operative word, for Tom is a time traveler.

Penned: The Golden Diaries

Travel should educate and create unique relationships. It should enrich the voyager with more than a memorable experience and snapshots at a tourist destination. That’s precisely what Tom’s invention helps him do.  He gathers a wealth of information, observes history as it is being made and lives within it.  In the process, he builds an immense fortune.

His expeditions help him in his quest for facts and the untold stories that history has failed to record.  Tom strives to use what he finds in the past to build a better future.  He aims to close the gaps in history, restore missing information, and revive ancient knowledge to humanity.

Tom builds a portfolio of memories, gaining firsthand knowledge of other times and places.  He also establishes himself and in turn, builds his family’s reputation.  He gains respect, yet suffers prejudice, proving wealth is not a means to escape the xenophobia of others.  Discovering that such behavior is inescapable, he takes actions using history and his device to protect him and his future.

Family is important to him, as is legacy.  He builds both, using his wealth, time, and intangible assets to achieve goals. Best of all, he builds friendships with many figures prominent in history, such as Ben Franklin.

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